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ExpressionEngine is a worthy platform for developers and designers, but occasionally those with less experience with it need to call in an expert for some quick answers, problem solving, and schlepping of heavy data. This was Petroglyph's role in the new PVPonline build. When we came on, much of the look and feel of the site was in place and ready to roll. I handled the migration (WordPress to ExpressionEngine), archive, template tags and parsing, and major bug investigations, workarounds and fixes.

This project was written up at Ellislab's ExpressionEngine Showcase.

Project Facts

  • .htaccess wrangling (wordpress redirects)
  • WordPress to ExpressionEngine migration
  • ExpressionEngine implementation
  • Project Management and Design by Levin Sadsad
  • ExpressionEngine 2
  • Solspace SuperSearch