Project: Desktop projection

The United Way is the world's largest charity and at that, one of the most efficient in the world. It's important for such an organization, charged with the massive task of making the world a better place, to have a website that reflects the group's activities, supported initiatives, and goals accomplished, while keeping the door open to new donors and activists who may desire to support this penultimate cause.

It's been longer than 4 years, and we've only just begun.

Recently, Petroglyph completed a migration of United Way's ExpressionEngine site from EE1 to EE2, from a less flexible locked-off server environment to one that is within the organization's complete control. This site included and Working closely with UW's internal online experience team, Petroglyph will help advise and consult on implementations of new initiatives, information architecture, and content structures, as well as potentially plan and implement the update of the organization's branding in the website.

Project Facts

  • Modernized HTML and CSS3
  • Transfer from Cufon to Web Fonts
  • Upgraded EE1 to EE2
  • Created multiple landing pages for storm relief donations
  • Assists internal staff with complicated website management and operations
  • Thanks to Seth Reznik for all your help and advice with the migraiton.
  • ExpressionEngine2
  • Navicat for MySQL
  • DataGrab Add on
  • Nav-ee Add on