Responsive Web Design - Downey & Co on Multiple devices

From time to time, Petroglyph gets calls from web designers who need Petroglyph's expertise in turning their designs, either in code or in PSD, to responsive websites in Content Management Systems. In this case, Petroglyph was delighted to work with Leah Sandman to see this vision through. In this project, Petroglyph took photoshop slices to code that responds to all devices through refactoring and re-engineering of the templates presented by the designer, and added WordPress PHP code to enable content administrators to add dynamic navigation menus, new pages, new posts, and new custom content posts (Staff Bio's) to assure long-term viability and longevity of the website with minimal developer intervention. 

Project Facts

  • Framework-free Responsive Code
  • Child-theming in WordPress to preserve integrity of the CMS
  • Custom content typing in WordPress for ease of editing of Staff Bios.
  • WordPress CMS
  • Desktop design by <a href="">Leah Sandman Design</a>