e-Commerce Experience on Multiple devices

Nest Casa is a boutique in Miami, FL with very specific needs for shopping interface, product classification, and representation of brands. Together with an agency, Petroglyph executed the code behind a beautiful re-design for this E-Commerce store, implemented Google analytics e-commerce tracking code, & conceptualized the shopping needs of the clientele into a website model and then executed that with asynchronous code and multiple instances of ExpressionEngine hierarchical categories, queries, & a custom extension to deliver flawless functionality.

Project Facts

  • Responsive HTML5/CSS3/JS
  • Asynchronous tag search for quick finding of products
  • Custom programmatic breakpoints determine layouts for some products or others.
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • Uses Twitter Bootstrap framework for ease of responsive behavior & standardized UI elements
  • Expresso Store software for ExpressionEngine handles the E-Commerce components.
  • Special thanks to Rocket & Walker for superb project management.