Selected Web Design & Development

Website Redux - Warehouse1 on Multiple devices

Website Redux - Warehouse1

What began as a slow-motion fresh start for Warehouse 1's ecommerce marketing in January 2016 has morphed into a full-on partnership with Petroglyph Creative to deliver expert-level creativity and...
Responsive Website Reboot - Marketing Solutions on Multiple devices

Responsive Website Reboot - Marketing Solutions

Marketing Solutions is an advertising and media agency specializing in branding, consulting, media buying, advertising design, and websites in New Mexico. Marketing Solutions knew what they wanted out of...
Responsive Web Design - Downey & Co on Multiple devices

Responsive Web Design - Downey & Co

From time to time, Petroglyph gets calls from web designers who need Petroglyph's expertise in turning their designs, either in code or in PSD, to responsive websites in Content Management...
SmartSpider - Web Design on Multiple devices

SmartSpider - Web Design

When I was approached by this organization to help redesign their website, they had two requests: responsive, and local. Go! Ok, maybe there was a little bit more to say,... e-Commerce Experience on Multiple devices e-Commerce Experience

Nest Casa is a boutique in Miami, FL with very specific needs for shopping interface, product classification, and representation of brands. Together with an agency, Petroglyph executed the code behind... - Web Development on Multiple devices - Web Development

Having great success with and seeing an opportunity to break into tourism with their business, Hutton Broadcasting approached Petroglyph to build, taking it out of its...
Netfish Shopping Cart on Multiple devices

Netfish Shopping Cart

Long looking to break into consumer-direct seafood, Seattle Fish Company of NM approached Petroglyph to build a Shopping Cart on a familiar platform, ExpressionEngine for e-commerce. Petroglyph handled many aspects... - Membership Website on Multiple devices - Membership Website needed a migration from an older platform to ExpressionEngine, with new design integration. It also needed to have Born Learning campaigns and their users migrated. Geographical information, addresses,...
Responsive & Logo Design on Multiple devices

Responsive & Logo Design

When starting from the ground up on a web design, it can be tempting to do too much - like rebranding everything, in the absence of guidance. In the case... - Web Comic Migration website - Web Comic Migration

ExpressionEngine is a worthy platform for developers and designers, but occasionally those with less experience with it need to call in an expert for some quick answers, problem solving, and...