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Your website in ExpressionEngine is here to stay - It's secure, it's stable and hey! maybe it's even living up to the promises of your first web developer. We don't see ExpressionEngine going anywhere - quite the opposite really. It even works with the newest-possible front-end code and will continue to do so. Perhaps it could be time to:

  • Redesign the site?
  • Add some new features?
  • Get it ready to return to the top of the Search Engines?
  • Update your software?
  • Modernize it for phones and screen readers?
  • Add a CartThrob store?

Yes, to all! But, this takes time. You need a developer whom you can trust to evaluate the website's priority improvements, do the needed work, and show proven results based on data collected from user experiences. Petroglyph Creative has specialty Expert experience in ExpressionEngine upgrades, re-skinning (face lifts), User Experience, and Analytics evaluation to determine what gets done when. With an ongoing relationship, we can continue to evaluate your site for the next big impact improvement and restore your site to better-than its former glory.

Get the most out of ExpressionEngine’s latest enhancements, features and capabilities from an expert ExpressionEngine developer.

We are longstanding members of the ExpressionEngine community and most recently spoke to our vision for ExpressionEngine at the ExpressionEngine conference. We are familiar with all aspects of ExpressionEngine maintenance, including feature building, performance, e-commerce, API integration and more. We develop payment gateways, tax calculators, and custom shipping calculators for CartThrob.

The release of ExpressionEngine 6 as a Long Term Release (LTR) means that ExpressionEngine is here to stay, with even less need to maintain your already-awesome software so you can steer more budget to things that matter.

Your website might have been around awhile - and it's going to be here awhile. Good thing you put it in ExpressionEngine!

Let us help:

The sooner you tell us we could be working together, the sooner we can get started honing your brand's content strategy:

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ExpressionEngine Development is generally associated with:

Maintain a steady pace of improvement over time.

Observe your improvements in action while considering new features.

No need to scrap your old website, or go through a costly and cumbersome rebuilding process.

We will be there to fix anything on your website, even unrelated to our ongoing work.