Our Web Services:

  • Brand to Website: turning your brand into a flourishing website.
  • Small to large-scale corporate/not for profit website support, consulting, and management.
  • E-Commerce ExpressionEngine sites, new or existing.
  • New website builds, design already determined or loosely determined.
  • Website caretaker / steward / resident expert.
  • Inter-platform conversions (WordPress, ExpressionEngine, Craft.)
  • Graphic / UI / Web Design and HTML/CSS production.
  • Geek stuff of all kinds.

I consider my responsibilities to be these:

  • I design.

    I’m trained as an artist, and enjoy the problem-solving aspects of code and UI design. I practice native in-HTML design, bypassing the Photoshop process entirely.
  • I code.

    I can put any design or any existing website into a Content Management System, improving the code in the process.
  • I construct.

    I design websites from conception, expansions of current ExpressionEngine sites, or new functionalities into existing EE sites. I can also build add-ons, but don’t do this enough to consider myself an “add-on devleoper.”
  • I listen.

    Through a careful process of understanding your needs and observing protocols in place, I help your organization and your audience better interact with your website. I offer training, advice, how-to, and background information to organizations of all sizes and types.
  • I support.

    Need an expert team member who knows ExpressionEngine’s ropes in-depth but can’t hire someone full-time? This is my role with many of my clients, and I can help you here as well.
  • I learn

    ..all the time, with every project: code, software, and best practices, to serve my clients with relevance and efficiency.