Web Design and Development Services

Websites in Craft CMS or ExpressionEngine Image

Websites in Craft CMS or ExpressionEngine

Let us show you how we can enhance your message with an effective, responsive website that you will be able to manage on your own. Our process carefully evaluates the needs of the forthcoming website, taking into consideration the aspects of your business or organization that the website can make easier and problems that the website can solve, as well as generalized goals for the website.  We organize these needs to be met in a clean, navigable front-end design and develop it on software built for... More

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ExpressionEngine Website Redux Image

ExpressionEngine Website Redux

You have an older website in ExpressionEngine - and you're just not sure where to start with your improvements. Should you: Redesign the site? Add some new features? Get it ready to return to the top of the Search Engines? Update your software? Modernize it for phones and screen readers? Yes, to all! But, this takes time. You need a developer whom you can trust to evaluate the website's priority improvements, do the needed work, and show proven results based on data collected from user experi... More

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Monthly Content Strategy, SEO Image

Monthly Content Strategy, SEO

Since you have the perfect website, let's keep it that way; or, we can take it to the top of search engines where it belongs. The key to this goal is research, consistent content improvement, and ongoing monitoring and content addition. Let us handle all the details and your site may be seeing improvements within a very short timeframe. We can provide new, original content and edit suggestions page to page, provide implementation, and include ghostwriting to your blog or other content-heavy areas. Curious where... More

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Core competencies

  • Brand to Website: turning your brand into a flourishing website.
  • Small to large-scale corporate/nonprofit website support, consulting, and management.
  • E-Commerce ExpressionEngine and Craft CMS websites, new or existing.
  • New website builds, design already determined or loosely determined.
  • Website caretaker / steward / resident expert.
  • Inter-platform conversions (WordPress, ExpressionEngine, Craft.)
  • Graphic / UI / Web Design and HTML/CSS production.
  • Geek stuff of all kinds.