Petroglyph Creative and COVID-19

Posted on March 16, 2020

Caroline C. Blaker

Petroglyph Creative and COVID-19 Image

Mahlon and I got to meet Red and Wimbly at the Albuquerque Museum during the Jim Henson exhibit.

Let’s talk about this everywhere-everything topic, but only just to say how it affects us, since you might be wondering. For now, I wanted you to know what’s happening with our operations and my daily life in the office.

We are open, as much as we ever were.

Given the heavy impact on the economy resulting from people staying in their homes and the number of businesses that depend on in-person sales, as well as increased screen time across the board, we expect a rise in inquiries and interest in our services. We will do everything we can to assist new clients, who will be extremely good fits given talent availability and workload. We are actively looking for even more talent, in small circles and not in a highly public way, but if you’re reading this and you think someone you know would like to work with us, please have them get in touch (no recruiters or companies, thx.)

If you need content, the next several days would be the time to plan that. Writers who are normally stuck in jobs are working at home - and we happen to know one! Finding the right person to do everything from grammar checks and link checks to blog posts can be another way to look great online.

I, for one, am experiencing very little interruption of my regular life. I have worked at home exclusively for 7 years. My husband came home to work, too about 6 months ago. He’s home too, predictably. We have a baby who is watched by her Grandmother also here, and now that Mahlon is home, she has him back too. What’s going on in the world is unprecedented - but in here it’s business as usual. There’s a little more noise, I guess.

For now, none of us has it.

But we do expect to be affected at some point. Hopefully asymptomatically and for not-too-long, maybe even not for years. But any one of us may also need up to 3 weeks’ care in a hospital at any moment; worst case scenario. While it will slow our team down if it happens, we expect to recover and go on normally, without a lot of other plans to be made based on things we know now. What we will do when that happens will depend on who it is and what is on their task list. We are all remote and make daily decisions around handling that already. I expect everyone on our team to prioritize their health and the health of their families before work, but to keep in touch in the time that they can.

We remain hopeful that the abundance of caution in the community at large will continue to protect the health of everyone while we undergo this very strange and unique season. Meanwhile, as a studio, we have no specific stressors to lead us to let off the gas. If anything, the moment has arrived to truly shine!

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