January 2020 - New.. everything.

Posted on January 24, 2020

Caroline C. Blaker

January 2020 - New.. everything. Image

A digital paint rendering of the old succulent image we used on the home page for years.

We did so much last year that the writing never got done.

The last update we provided was.. oh my gosh. In 2018. Yeesh. As a lean, super-small business, I’m always on sprint mode to get everything done, even the stuff that goes slow and takes awhile. Without an editorial calendar, writing fell to the side.

We’re not going to make excuses, but we do want to catch you up. Yes, I mean we!

We haven’t just grown, we’ve expanded.

Meet Niki! She will show up soon on the About page, but it’s been almost an entire year of working closely with another developer. We’ve also brought in people with extended competencies - ExpressionEngine Add-on Development and Content / SEO. We would like to have at least one or two more developers on the team with WordPress, ExpressionEngine, or Craft CMS development experience - so if you’re someone like this please get in touch.

We did a gigantic pro-bono project for a local non-collecting art museum, 516 Arts Contemporary Museum. We took this on at the very soonest opportunity we had to not charge for everything we do. The project introduced a design to Petroglyph’s portfolio and rescued museum administrators from getting lost in swampy WYSIWYG editors at every update. The result couldn’t have made a greater impact on the client. Instead of dreading website updates, these updates have become another fun and creative way for the museum staff to reinforce their brand and mission.

We haven’t just learned, we’ve reorganized.

We’ve re-written our core competencies and recognized our place. Instead of just new, old, get better, etc - we’ve recognized a niche for ourselves in rescuing clients from poorly performing CMS’ (whether they started out that way or not) and matching them up with one of our modern, performant CMS’ that make updates easy and don’t get hacked.

We’ve traded jQuery for Vue.js

We are now building new code in Vue.js. Vue is a Javascript application platform that has all of jQuery’s capabilities and expands upon them in ways favored by application and web developers alike. Vue can run an application or website without a CMS, as just a stand-alone app, and opens the door to intelligent, organized integrations with other systems and performant information processing. Also, it’s new and exciting.

We’ve traded Zurb Foundation for Tailwind CSS

Tailwind CSS allows for rapid, utility first styling while building in code. For us, this means that we spend less time working out details with JS integrations and let Vue handle that. This CSS platform gets customized at the very beginning with your fonts and colors and the very next thing you know, the page layouts come alive. We still love Zurb Foundation and we will continue to support this toolkit.

We started this goodness on our own website.

There’s a new baby

If you haven’t been in contact with me on social media or in person, you may not know that around the time of this last post, I learned that I was pregnant. This is probably the largest reason for a lack of writing. It was always tempting to complain about how busy I was or how tired I was or how I felt thrust into an area of the business I had been completely unfamiliar with - the one where I manage other people!

While my dreams were coming true, the work of supporting their presence was overwhelming my days and I didn’t want to come through in my blog as kvetching or upset, or even bragging about how grateful I was. The giant changes of this time of life are often unrelenting in their extreme emotional grip. While it wasn’t good for my blog or business audience, the best thing to do was just to let it be the race car driver that it was.

And then I had a baby. And fatigue. And I took some time off, and everything was fine. This was a miracle!

Mehera is now 6 months old and completely wonderful.

Analytics keep telling me that my audience is dialing up - that week over week, more people are coming here looking for whatever it is they are looking for. It’s time to release this new code set, to update you, to present more completely with a much more intentional niche identity going forward. I’m proud to be here after the year 2019 was, and I’m glad you’re here to celebrate.

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