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Posted on November 11, 2018

Caroline C. Blaker

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Kinetics of Connection 2007 by Caroline C. Blaker 22 x 30" Latex on Canvas

A lot has happened this year. Sorry, let me start that again. A lot of really great things have happened this year, here at Petroglyph Creative. I’ve spoken at an international niche conference, the ExpressionEngine Conference; we’ve been trusted with some really difficult, technical projects; trusted with some make-it-or-break-it creativity; and taken on some higher-level projects than I’ve ever seen before. We’ve been promoted by colleagues and sought after as a trusted resource in web development.

The thing is, I can’t just tack on 4 extra hours every day, or the quality will suffer. That’s just not what clients want, and it’s not what I’m made of.

This may be where you come in. I’m looking for people to work with who are self-starters with exceptional character. I’m looking at skill-level pretty broadly here because we all start somewhere and ultimately, skill-level always increases with experience. And, ultimately, I have work at many skill-levels and the right person or people really need to be ready to take things on over and above having specific experience related to the task at hand. Anyone can google something and if you’re a self-starting dev already, we can check that critical skill off on the proverbial checkbox.

Here at Petroglyph Creative, we build intelligent, data-driven websites in ExpressionEngine and Craft CMS. We also shepherd some WordPress websites. We use a lot of Foundation Framework on the front-end. We are offering contract work. We will take people with only WordPress experience who want to learn the other two. 


If you want to apply to work here, please submit the following though our temporary Google Form:

A couple of sites you’ve worked on. Please let me know how long ago you worked on them and what you worked on. Please don’t submit work we can’t see online.

Your experience with EE, Craft CMS, WordPress, Gulp, Foundation, Composer, MySQL, or anything else you consider to be relevant to this group ‘o stuff, especially if you are good at it.

Your favorite work to do, and some examples of that. Duplicates of the above are ok.

Please include a cover paragraph/intro that details, in some way, what helping means to you and/or what may have happened in your life to change/evolve that. Tell me a story or send bullet points, or some combination. Please also include how long you’ve been developing websites and its role in your life (main gig, second career, trying to break in, etc.) Please also include how much time you have available and generally when that is, be it working hours or extra-curricular.

Contractors will be chosen based on fit to current available tasks.

Now that that part is out of the way, the decision to hire is one to take on risk for reward. I made a decision that instead of being someone who was only available 6 months out, I would be someone who would support others, teach the craft of web development, and start pulling strategy into my day-to-day over and above the old and busted “look for leads.” 

This year, I hit the ceiling of my capacity many times. Sometimes this was due to having too much work. Sometimes it was because I am the work-at-home parent with a flexible schedule. Sometimes it was because my child needed to be picked up at school. None of this is anyone’s fault, but it was (also) my job, if you will, to see that this was sort-of the permanent “some days it be like that” condition of being myself and doing this; and I had to decide if I was going to be a good leader and march outta there stronger and more agile or allow the potential future of the business suffer for my inaction.

When I set off to become a web developer, this, that I have today, is what I envisioned. Just this. To become a sought-after freelance contractor with flexibility and choice of clientele (I can’t say enough good things about this very special group of folks, really.) It happened, all right, and the problems that arose all fall under “good problem to have,” but I didn’t forecast them even as I saw them coming. It wasn’t a mistake, it was just something I had to learn to do. Now, I’ve taken on even more of that with potentially becoming something known as “the boss.” I’ve also, for what it’s worth, entered business coaching through WESST so that someone has my back while I navigate this frighteningly new world of business growth, especially at the local level. Together, we’ve come up with a new and true Mission Statement and will be continuing with other strategic pieces and plans.

As we come up on Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday, it would be pertinent to express Thanks and Gratitude for this position I find myself in, and I’m willing to do that with a note of self-care. I’m grateful to the Petroglyph Creative family of clients for continuing to support and believe in this endeavor, but (I’m going to be completely honest) I’m also grateful to myself for not screwing it up; and maybe also for growing enough in the fray to expand my perspective to the possibility of growth. And I’m grateful to my colleagues (you know who you are) for carrying my torch as far as I needed it carried. And if you’ve read this far, or you care about me, even if I’ve already thanked you in some capacity, thank you for being one of those people, even if we don’t really see each other.

About Me

Welcome, I'm a solo-preneur web professional living in the Land of Enchantment. I blog about things related to personal and professional life. My business specializes in Content Management Systems - ExpressionEngine, Craft CMS — and learning of new-to-me tech like Vue JS. I also like writing content like you see here. Please consider hiring me if you’re looking for a developer who is responsive to email and gets it done on-time and in-budget.

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