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Posted on August 30, 2017

Caroline C. Blaker

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The sun is now turning on these bulbs and illuminating the Petroglyph office! In other news, my panels are difficult to photograph.

Just a quick update to let you know that the process we initiated last November to add Solar Panels to our house has finally been completed. The official Petroglyph office (and surrounding house) is 100% solar powered.

But - you might say - what about your hosting? Well, y’know, the host where you are reading this, Brown Rice Internet; they are 100% solar-powered as well.

So all in all, you can feel good about the electronic power structures behind your website being powered by 100% good clean sun energy. The creativity? That’s probably powered by food. And exercise. And a balanced lifestyle.

Solar is quickly becoming a hallmark effort of businesses and households that are interested in greater energy independence, cleaning up the environment, and general interest in not paying for what the sun doles out for free (See: Vitamin D.) With the addition of a Power Wall or battery, your system can continue to power your home/building during an outage. In the absence of power, even for days, Petroglyph will continue to be open!

Our provider was Solar City. I don’t generally recommend them, as (almost) every little thing they said they would do took an interim phone call to actually get them to do. However, they do carry the Power Wall. If you do decide to go with them, tell them I sent you. With a referral you get 1 month of your solar loan paid by them. And, eventually, you’ll get your solar power.

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