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Posted on August 25, 2017

Caroline C. Blaker

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Your website is, arguably, your most public-facing marketing asset. Available 24/7, all around the world, people evaluate you, your services, and your relevance to their needs all from the comfort of their computer or device. Unlike TV ads or print marketing, people choose your website to go to evaluate you on their own time, not as a chance encounter while taking part in another activity. Assuming your website is written in a language they know, you have this chance to communicate exactly why they are there and why they should stay. Don’t they know why they are there? Absolutely, but here’s your chance to tell them that you know too, and that they are right. 

If your website does not convey this message openly and immediately, you may be turning people away. 

You may know exactly what it is you need to say and how to say it. That’s a great thing, but there is a background language to websites introduced through years and years of evolution that is incredibly important to keep current and to use to promote your message effectively. There are also the soft barriers to website updates that could be affecting your business more than you know. Was your website built for your ability to update it? Do things break easily when you interact with your website? Are you able to share news freely on your site and on social networks, knowing which to share where, and when? Do you have access to the meta tags of your site’s pages and content to place strategic images and descriptions? Do you have a process in place to make this easy?

If you were unsure of any of the above, maybe I can help. You may need a new website if:

  • Your website was not built for you to be able to access the content to edit it.
  • Your website gets hacked a lot.
  • You want to scream every time you try to update your website.
  • You need to install something, update something, or go down some other rabbit hole every time you log into your website.
  • Your business has changed, and suddenly leans much more on the website and/or requires a major website expansion, like a store or secured member area.

Now, if none of the above are really the case, but the below are true, you might just need some updates:

  • Your website looks the same on a computer as it does on a phone (and you need to zoom in on the phone.)
  • Your site uses one font that was never part of your brand.
  • Your branding has changed and the site does not yet reflect that.
  • You need to expand what your website does, like add credit card processing or a way for your customers to reach certain data that they need. (Multiples may ask after a new website or platform change.)
  • Your website has a very long and happy history on its current platform, and it’s easy to make changes, but your performance results are falling short of where they should be.

As someone who builds websites from scratch and performs updates on existing sites, I would be delighted to help you with what your site requires, and not push you into a solution that favors my skills or my conventions. I’ve worked on code authored by hundreds of people and have developed a specialty in recognizing conventions and working within them or breaking sites out of conventions that no longer serve them gradually and painlessly.

Sometimes, the answer is a new site. Are you using 4 different softwares to manage your web presence? Why not combine them into one? It will cost less in the long run and you’ll get the solution you’ve always wanted, but didn’t have because you were ahead of your time. In today’s tech soup, it’ll be far easier to project creativity into your beautiful new one-stop control panel because you won’t need to focus on juggling anything between platforms. 

Many times, however, the answer is updates. Is your ExpressionEngine site in need of a facelift? The good news is that ExpressionEngine software separates the front end from the control panel, and you can rearrange, bring a new look & feel, and keep all of your setup without fear of losing anything. Let’s make things more easily editable without breakage while we’re at it, shall we? Do you need to add email marketing or a store to ExpressionEngine? Secured areas? All of that can be done from the platform on which you already work. 

There are so many different, specific scenarios to consider. I’ve provided some generalized examples of some of the situations I frequently face, but yours is nuanced and needs full attention to understand - so why not tell me about it

Right now, the most direct way to access me is to email or visit the support page. I have improvements in the works that will ask you specifics, but for now, please just send me a quick message with your question or quote request. 

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