Official 2016 ABQ WordCamp Sponsor

Posted on March 28, 2016

Caroline C. Blaker

Official 2016 ABQ WordCamp Sponsor Image

I am delighted to announce that Petroglyph is supporting WordCamp Albuquerque this year as a Manzano Level Sponsor. We are in excellent company all around with this one-day event dedicated to WordPress - a blogging platform that we use for not-for-profit and blog-intensive clients. WordPress has always lead the online publishing platform market and continues to offer a robust, open-source, flexible application with zero licensing fees.

The decision to sponsor WordCamp despite a less-than-ghostly presence in the overall Albuquerque WordPress community is one mainly reflecting Petroglyph's mission to support and encourage the Web Development community to grow and create work competes with other world-class economies. While I may not have time to attend every web development community event, I do have the ability to support these things in other ways, like sponsorships, free marketing, or some donated time behind the monitor.

There are still tickets left (for now) for WordCamp 2016 - sign up to attend to hear from the finest WordPress minds in the community!

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