January - in with the News, out with Photoshop

Posted on February 01, 2016

Caroline C. Blaker

January - in with the News, out with Photoshop Image

What an interesting month January was, I mean it!

The first thing to happen was that I was on the news as a co-Coordinator for ABQ WebGeeks with Mark Casias, talking about July 2015's Open Data training we hosted.

Check it out here!

Here's another cool thing - I added a security certificate to this site, so no matter what, your connection is secure. It now happens to be the only thing standing in the way of my embedding the news video to this page, since that content is not secure. Fun fact, if you add insecure content to a secure page, the page will tell on you or break completely. If you've ever had your browser try to warn you about a page's content, you know what I mean. Oh well.

The rest of the month was spent thinking about the mission of Petroglyph (or lack thereof) and wondering about actually fulfilling a purpose for myself and others and if there were better ways I could be spending my time.

It seems so silly now, but it was like I was my own worst enemy during the moments that weren't full of work. I blame the Mercury / Jupiter retrogrades.

Now that the Mercury Retrograde has cleared up, things feel a lot less foggy.

It was, however, an excellent time to design websites. I am at the end of several web design projects, at the moment, which have been wonderful in the way that creating visual problem solving design can be for the soul- it forces you to the surface of your onion-skins and peels them back. You're left vulnerable, but very flavorful, and inventive, to the benefit of the client who has trusted you.

I'm pleased to say that web design and I finally see eye-to-eye. This ages-old process of involving Photoshop and its gradients and textures and shades is finally all but defenestrated, and code-originated design is coming in and I am right there with it. I never have had the stomach to sit and digitally paint something down to the last pixel that would some day require being transformed into code and images. These days, it starts with code, develops in code, and goes live in the same code - an approach that is not only much more logical, but native to the platform and comes with many fewer surprises at the end of the process, because questions about functionality and interaction are addressed up-front in the early development/design stages as the client has much better ability to interact with what might be their website from the very first delivery stages.

I'll be posting more about this going forward, but to that, happy February!

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