We did it! ABQ-Skies.com weather and balloon cam

Posted on November 22, 2016

Caroline C. Blaker

We did it! ABQ-Skies.com weather and balloon cam Image

A mobile screen capture of the ABQ Skies cam with a hot-air balloon in view

Have you ever moved to a place with an incredible view? Have you then thought to yourself "jeez, I should totally install a camera to stream this 24/7?" Have you ever followed through with this crazy idea despite all of the mind's subtle pushbacks? Well, if you have, then we have something in common. With 180 degrees of Sandia and Manzano Mountain views, it was clear that from where we lived, we could capture a gorgeous live image of the Albuquerque skyline and broadcast it.

ABQ-Skies.com kicked off this year, in 2016 during the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. With only 2 weeks lead time, Petroglyph invested in an expensive PTZ Axis Camera and used a local electrician service to install it, promptly learning that PoE (power over Ethernet) was not something provided by Apple Routers. With a last-minute hustle to get PoE to our outside cam, we launched our site, ABQ-Skies.com with streaming services provided by the solar-powered Brown Rice out of Taos. As you can see, it's an amazing camera and view with great detail and quality. 

Here are some reasons to enjoy a webcam over Albuquerque:

  • The gorgeous sunrises
  • The amazing sunset blushes
  • Hot air balloons, nearly every morning
  • Changing seasonal weather & foliage
  • The occasional "ghetto bird."
  • City lights at night

We're wondering what else we should do with the site, now that the webcam is up and running. Should we create more of a weather site? Should we add user interaction? We're not sure. I'd be delighted to hear your ideas.

Regardless, ABQ-Skies is completely free to enjoy from anywhere. Observe the weather, the mountains, and the hot-air balloons over downtown Albuquerque, and Balloon Fiesta Park in early October.

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