Side Project Spotlight: are Back!

Posted on August 11, 2014

Caroline C. Blaker

Side Project Spotlight: are Back! Image

Id like to let everyone know that are back. Now, just like before, any person can visit the website at, sign in with Twitter, and scape their feed in real time.

While the website never went offline, Twitters API switch in March of 2013 broke I had previously gone in to prepare the site for Twitters very longstanding then-future API switch, but I was 7 months prego and getting ready to go into my own kind of hibernation from some projects like this one. Its just that, well, the future API was impossible to test and it turns out that something else needed inclusion in the API calls to login - something that was only conditionally considered required. Long story short, there was no way for me to foresee this breakage and remained broken until I could dive in and fix it. That was Wednesday.

Plans for site improvement can now be executed - these plans include a new design/user interface, including a user home page, displaying past scapes, the ability to commemorate scapes to specific events or descriptions/titles, the ability to share scapes with friends who may have been scaped in a particular picture, and improved Zazzle product sales and print buying experiences. I also plan to add the ability to scape trending topics/hashtags or keywords thus enabling users with better commemoration of topics that are important to them. is a Petroglyph Creative side-project website in CodeIgniter. Its art-generating code was authored solely by Caroline C. Blaker who also helps maintain the CodeIgniter-Twitter Library on Github.

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