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Posted on October 16, 2014

Caroline C. Blaker gets a facelift Image have a new groove: they have a new responsive layout, a modern look and feel, new infographics, and are way more easy to navigate.

So, in essence, got a face lift.

The old vs new is rather dramatic, actually. Rather than (carefully-chosen, yet) confusing static colors on the greeting, you’re greeted with a clear statement, some friendly animation, and a very direct navigation scheme including all of your options. The homepage includes a video by the wonderful Virginia DeBolt, and leads into several areas of the site with a little bit of the flavor of the section.

It's not just the colors though - the layout for the site is now mobile and tablet responsive, improving the experience for folks on-the-go exponentially and, we hope, encouraging the use of to commemorate moments in real time, when and where important things happen.

The new iteration still uses the Twitter API to log you in with your Twitter username and password, directly on Twitter. No changes have occurred there. Now, instead of making a Twitterscape on login, you get a view of everything you have made on the site, newest to oldest, and a few facts about you and those. Pause, reflect, and make a new one based on today’s requirements, rather than auto-creating a scape without intent. The concept behind relies largely on intent - it’s about who chooses to scape when, and why. Commemorate, preserve, own the beauty of the moment.

We’ve also grabbed some of the information about you you’ve chosen to share on Twitter: You picture, your description, your timezone, your Social Security Num- just kidding. We don’t have that. We don’t want it! Terrible joke. Also, you didn’t share that with Twitter, right?

There are also two new kinds of More on that in another post. still has a lot of development ahead for it, but this particular update starts to answer a long-pending question array: How are they supposed to be used? Who is their intended audience? What am I supposed to do with them once I've made one? Structurally speaking, it would have been a massive pain to build in responsiveness (we really want mobile users to use this,) user-added content, Twitter info panels, statistics, and next-steps. While these may not all be completely in place yet, their places are held in the new design and we're set up now to start being trusted by the users who will love the service.

The next challenge with is to add an asynchronous code library and allow form submission through that. The grander idea behind is that user input will strengthen the context of each generated image and bring forth a kind of visual weblog continuum: a journal of thoughts, a sequence of important moments, an abstracted yet not arbitrary set of colors, pixels, words, and beauty.

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