What do I do, exactly?

Posted on December 12, 2013

Caroline C. Blaker

What do I do, exactly? Image

"Hi, I'm Caroline. I build websites."

This is the easiest thing to say, and it describes what I do to about 85%. (I also answer email, solve problems, and hold hands..)

Truth is, I have one the best jobs a person could work for. I'm not making this up. Being a web developer is (by US News) one of the top 10 jobs of 2012, and it's the third top job for folks without degrees. Of course, there are those who would posit that my BFA from Washington University does not count as a degree, (many late nights said otherwise..) but I'd return that they missed the point of a degree entirely, as would the Wall Street Journal.

I work for myself, for my clients, and for my skill set in order to bring more to the table, all the time. I'm a member of a community of like-minded, like-skilled people doing this work that is friendly, encouraging, and inclusive. I am excited to do what I do, every working day.

As for my actual services, the best way to describe them is this way:

  • I code. I can put any design or any existing website into ExpressionEngine. I’ll improve the code in the process too.
  • I build websites from the ground up, expansions of current EE sites, or new functionalities into existing EE sites. I can also build add-ons, but don’t do this enough to consider myself an “add-on devleoper.”
  • I consult. I can help your organization better interact with your website. I offer training, advice, how-to, and background information to organizations of all sizes and types.
  • I support. Need a new team member who knows EE’s ropes in-depth but can’t hire someone full-time? This is the role I play with many of my clients, and I can help you here as well.
  • I design. I’m trained as an artist, and enjoy the problem-solving aspects of code and UI design.
  • I learn the latest code and best practices to better serve my clients.

The best part about this job is, all of my skills are derived from independent research, practice, mistakes, and problem solving. In short, the process for learning what to do is the same as it is for doing it day to day. It's the process, and the rewards along the way, that lead me down this road to a skillset that met demand. I'd tell anyone wanting to be a web developer that they should just start. Just start writing code. Research what you don't know, and learn it. If you like it enough to give it your time, it'll be a great job to do someday, right?

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About Me

Welcome, I'm a solo-preneur web professional living in the Land of Enchantment. I blog about things related to personal and professional life. My business specializes in Content Management Systems - ExpressionEngine, Craft CMS — and learning of new-to-me tech like Vue JS. I also like writing content like you see here. Please consider hiring me if you’re looking for a developer who is responsive to email and gets it done on-time and in-budget.

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