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Posted on August 02, 2013

Caroline C. Blaker

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Now that Ive been back for a month, (longer for some of you ;) I can say a few things: Not only is it great to be back, but Im truly delighted to continue working for you while managing my little one. For the most part, I have the day time taken care of by my wonderful MIL Sharon, so that I can focus on you and your websites. He does demand that I take breaks though, to feed and cuddle a little bit. Then I end up having a real lunch rather than working through, and suddenly Im a better-energized, better-focused version of the self I was before all of this began.

It surprises me, sometimes, how much I love and need my work. As a child or teenager in school, I would have scoffed at this notion - there wasnt anything I could occupy myself with, besides lake swimming and playing Nintendo, that would help me lose the sense of time passing and overall boredom. Then again, what I do now wasnt a profession back then. The earliest web developers were emerging as hobbyists from 1992-1998, my middle and high school years. I began as a hobbyist in 2003, when the earliest content management systems were emerging as viable web solutions. I still remember reading in Fifth Grade (1991) about candidate-for-President Bill Clintons promises of an Information SuperHighway - which sounded really, really neat.

I have to admit, the return to the desk required shedding of a lot of built-up inertia (and fatigue!! holy moley..), but there is nothing else in my life that satisfies quite like coding, problem-solving, and developing. Working in client services also builds in the reward of helping you while just being myself and applying my active mind to the outside world. It didnt take long in becoming immersed in a few longer tasks to roll back into enjoying this again, every day, just as I had before. And even though I have a new delight in my life, I still need this one to feel completely balanced.

Im really encouraged by seeing that I took off a whole two months, and despite that, business is as good as the day I left. I have continued along with your retainers, helped you with your sites, created your prototypes, and sleuthed out your bugs. Its good for me, and apparently also for you, or Id be sitting idly looking for something to do. Thank you for sticking with me.

On another note, Ellislab , the makers of ExpressionEngine, just re-launched the ExpressionEngine Pro Network in an updated platform. The details of how different it is from the last version are still a little elusive, but you can be sure that Im in it. Check me out there.

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