Petroglyph is Hibernating

Posted on March 14, 2012

Caroline C. Blaker

At the end of the month of March, Petroglyph will be moving out of the public and into my home, for as long as the season lasts.

There. I said it.

And yes, it's sad. I was sadder about this than anything I can remember for a long time. It feels like a failure on some levels, and the hardest part is getting used to the fact that it isn't that. I feel bad about it, but feeling bad about this is like feeling bad about taking a dive in dodgeball to stay in the game. I can feel sorry for myself all day, that this is what I have to do, but all I'm really doing is making sure I keep the game going at the industry's pace.

It's not that I can't afford to keep the place open, or that Petroglyph is not getting enough work. The opposite is true. Petroglyph is busier than ever - and though this decision is more than two weeks old, I am just now sitting down to announce it to you. After careful reviewing of the strategy and reasons why Petroglyph opened a studio outside the home to begin with, I realized that none of those factors were still part of Petroglyph's reality, and that keeping the retail space open with the active role it is currently playing (or lack thereof..) just does not make sense. In fact, the shop may have lost some ground by not having decided sooner. In any case, the timing is perfect. It's almost Summer, the days are beautiful (perfect for schlepping stuff,) and I bought that new computer I've been lusting after - a 27" iMac.

That's right - I did one right by the "Kwitcherbitchin" (say that out loud) cheering squad. With the money I have already saved from leaving, I have been able to procure my dream design machine - and I'm writing on it right now. Wait.. did I just say design? Oh, right. Not to let the cat out of the bag, but one reason that I left that to other folks was my distaste for the drag of Adobe products on my system. Now, I can have Photoshop and like 8 other programs open at the same time. Also, thanks to a distant, yet relevant EE colleague, I was able to beef up my Photoshop arsenal to par for the designing of websites - look for a few of these to be added to the web design portfolio this season, as well as the usual ExpressionEngine websites, while I manage a "working hibernation."

While I'm talking about my computer - if you ever have the pleasure of using Mac's migration assistant for setting up a new computer from an old one, just be sure you're ready to give it the 48 hours it took me to migrate my old work computer. That's right, 48 hours. This doesn't just monopolize both computers, old and new; it also takes over your entire internet and wifi connection while the two machines talk to each other nonstop during this time. Got that? No internet, no computers, no facetime, or anything else wifi-compulsory. You'll never be more grateful for 3G.

I will be having a studio fire sale of both art and fixtures to facilitate squeezing back into my house. Look out on Facebook, Twitter, and Craigslist for announcements. Want something specific? Let me know.

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