Heading into Winter

Posted on November 27, 2012

Caroline C. Blaker

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It's nearly December, and the holidays are upon us. Last time I wrote, it was April - and that wasn't even about me. I'm at the end of a long road that was difficult to explain (and at the beginning of a rather simplistic one, in the same way,) and it feels like time to start sharing with you what Petroglyph has been handling these past few months - heck - this year!

My clients know that they've been top priority through this journey - that communications like these and my creative endeavors have fallen by the wayside in favor of building a buoyant business and keeping clients happy. That said, what's been going on behind the scenes has been only slightly short of dramatic. The first event was listening to my gut instinct and pulling Petroglyph operations into my home. A handful of factors that had informed my original motive to open a shop had evaporated, and it would allow me to improve equipment and perform better as a designer/developer. This important move has allowed me to stay competitive as a single person in business and focus on business development. It has also allowed me to upgrade my equipment to today-standard software and Macs - two of them.

This summer, I became intently focused on Petroglyph - the clients, the work, just developing what I had of Petroglyph and myself into more. I stopped casually going out with friends, and focused more intently on yoga, fitness, and keeping business hours. I enjoyed a week at an Ashram with my teacher in Portland OR, where I was able to connect with other ExpressionEngine developers for a moment - a great moment! All the while, I was fighting this feeling - like I had failed in my trajectory to stay open in the public - and the shame that came with that. In my determination to turn it over into something positive, (which is, after all, the best way to save face,) as simplistic as it may sound, I was focusing on establishing and making as-permanent-as-possible something I had never had, but was so close to getting: the only right "job" for me - and being able to depend on the work. I'm pleased to say, at late fall's near end, that it has been successful, and I'm ready to shift the effort towards the business in another direction towards further progress.

While I may be ready to emerge as I once did, only better established, I'll still be more or less a homebody in keeping with my last effort - I'm 14 weeks pregnant and my baby is due at the end of May. With an established business needing almost zero improvement, I'm happy to head into this new direction with the confidence that Petroglyph will be manageable full-time shortly after the baby is born, and before that, all the way up to the birth. In fact, my goals for this time period include re-designing the Petroglyph website, learning new technologies, and handling all the work requests I get. I'll also get back to working on Twitterscapes - building out search functionalities, user profiles, personalization and more.

I expect the upcoming season to be the best, ever for Petroglyph and my creativity - and for my clients, especially. A good developer is a happy developer, and a better developer is assured that no one event will make or break their business, is growing, and is always ready for the next thing. I hope you enjoy watching this happen as much as I will enjoy making it unfold.

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