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Posted on April 11, 2012

Caroline C. Blaker

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You've seen this site on my profile right? Right?

This effort was particularly special for for its delivery to a very captive, large, long-developed audience in web comics. PVP Online is, without a doubt, the "grandfather of webcomics," or that's at least what designer Levin Sadsad says. Levin approached me through an acquaintance he found by online search to handle some more development-intensive aspects of the User Interface he designed for the website, as well as to migrate more than 10 years of content from the old Wordpress website to the new ExpressionEngine website. Starting here, we've worked on several projects together already and have enjoyed the experience every time. One of these is the newly redesigned, Levin's business site.

I digress. The response to the PVP launch has been amazing, and has even captured the attention of the folks at EllisLab, who unbenknownst to me, are huge PVP fans. Just after the launch date, they published this interview with myself, Levin, and Scott Kurst, the author and illustrator responsible for the PVP comics.

When asked, here's what I said about what I learned on this project:

Well, I did learn that 400+ options is too many for a .htaccess file to parse in one blob. One tricky point to this project on the outset was going to be divvying up the WP blog into two channels: news and comics. When setting up the redirects for WP->EE pathing, first I tried to match all the news to one statement. Newp. That shot me a big 500. I panicked for half a second before I realized that I could also split up and match these paths for redirect instructions by year, which provided seven opportunities for the server to skip whole groups of these titles. We also had to repath comics, which was an obvious choice for the catch-all “if the URL matches a year” statement.

Yes, it's pretty techy, but those are the kinds of applicable things I learn these days: little morsels and tidbits that don't come into play all the time, and that most people outside the industry have few chances to understand. And besides, this interview went out to a captive audience of geeks and people who are looking for geeks like myself to hire.

Even in my own home, I'm reminded of the scale of impact this site had on the industry. After all, my husband reads it.

Read the rest of the interview here.

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