Upcoming Event: The Twitterscape Theory

Posted on February 16, 2011

Caroline C. Blaker

Upcoming Event: The Twitterscape Theory Image

For the month of March, Petroglyph will be hosting "The Twitterscape Theory" - an art exhibit focused on the story behind Twitterscapes and to show them as they exist currently, fully illustrating the creative process behind how they came to be. On March 25, 2011, from 4-6PM there will be a reception where Caroline, the artist will speak on this topic, and introduce the new (upcoming) Twittersapes site as well as show you how you can create your own Twitterscapes at any time, right on the web.

Both the ongoing exhibit and the reception are being included as part of Creative Albuquerque's Women in Creativity Series for the month of March.

Gallery Information

The gallery will be open from 11-3 on the following days (as well as by appointment):

  • March 1-4
  • March 7-10
  • March 16-19
  • March 21-26
  • March 28-31

The gallery will be Closed on Sundays, March 5, and March 11-15. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Collection Opportunity

A special commemorative edition of the new Twitterscapes is available by online order only. Available for two weeks only, this edition will feature 19" x 13" printing format (the first of its kind) of the two pictured Twitterscapes, shown as 24" x 21". These can be purchased directly from the artist. From Conceptually Driven Blog on carolinecblaker.com:

"The more I look around, the more I see the need and the demand to provide my collectors and potential collectors an opportunity to support Twitterscapes and my art at large, so that they may continue to grow in scope, in audience, and in popularity. ItÂ’s for this reason that I have decided to release a one-time 13x19 signed and numbered edition of the two Twitterscapes that for this show only have become the first ever to be printed in large format."

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