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Posted on June 03, 2011

Caroline C. Blaker

After two very important site launches in one week, I'm ready for a break. It's Friday, and on Monday, I'll be en-route to Europe with my husband for a two-week sejour with stops in New York, Mt. Riga, Geneva, Baden-Baden, and last but never least, Paris - my home from September 8, 2001 (note proximity to 9-11) to June 2002. The trip will be full of cheese munching, wine tasting, friends hugging, family reconnecting, and old-grounds stomping. Perhaps not come-backing. But I can't hold to that!

While we've been planning this for some time, it's suddenly become the ideal moment to take a nice long break. For starters, my husband has just completed his first-year internship in Psychiatry, and when he comes back he will be a Resident. Also, the completion of, which was a dream-come-true as client-developer relationships and teamwork go, has marked a huge sigh of awesome "we did it" relief - as the site in its infant form was not even the project begun at the outset of the client0developer relationship. The site has morphed from one thing to another, scope changes have been prevalent but also very well negotiated, and while the process was initiated in 2010 and is just now complete, it feels like we really, really did our best. Such a deserving result would be that both of us, client and developer, are pleased with the site and excited at its launch. And that is the case!

We also launched a site for Mary Schmidt, Marketing Troubleshooter this week. This is a case where we just might have left the world a little bit better off than wen we found it. Mary had unfortunately seen the worst that web development has to offer and was only just trying to get her updated design onto the internet. We were able to deliver a full migration to ExpressionEngine from Wordpress, complete with seven years (!) of blog entries, without incident, delivering Mary's new design into a CMS that ultimately can take on any additional functionalities, expansions, or permutations she may find her business taking on on its own. Furthermore, this isn't the end of our partnership, as she is working hard on a plan for Twitterscapes to hit the market like a ton of bricks - just doing what she normally does, and we cannot wait for that.

In the mean time, I wish you all a safe few weeks as I disappear and reappear into New Mexico.

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