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Posted on December 10, 2010

Caroline C. Blaker

This is always a quiet moment in blogging - the first entry. It's a blank canvas; worse- a blank studio! A place begging for paint, tables, shelves, chemicals, computers and music. For a short time, there is a moment to gaze upon the space and wonder how it will change things, and how it will change with the boxed-up items that shall come barreling down the door at any moment.

When I first moved into the place where Petroglyph now is, it was dirty and misused, yet with a character so strong I couldn't get it out of my mind. The space has wood floors and ceilings, even the walls are wooden in places, with round full-log vegas upholding the ceiling. With a little polishing, these features began to stand out, and now occasionally fall victim to upstaging by clutter due to my lack of storage, packaging from the influx of "new" always arriving here, and of course, the artwork.

The art here is mainly mine, and most of it can be found at This website will add event listings as soon as a month from now when it comes time to plan the Twitterscape show and upcoming First Friday shows. More on that soon..

TTFN, friends!

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