About Petroglyph Creative

Petroglyph Creative is an expert website development company in Albuquerque, New Mexico working in ExpressionEngine and Craft CMS. A member of the ExpressionEngine Pro Network, Petroglyph creates amazing, human-friendly websites with an eye to problem solving, and an ear for empathy. Petroglyph Creative was launched as a web consultancy studio in 2010, with the vision that creativity belonged in web development, as did kindness and empathy.

Petroglyph brings dependability, expert-level skill, and invention to websites needing new perspectives. Petroglyph's philosophy for websites is that they need to Lead, Follow and Get Out Of The Way, in that users conducting needed learning or business should be lead by the website, observed by the website, and the website should never be in the way.

Petroglyph loves roles as an on-hand asset pursuing ROI through advertising media and metrics. Petroglyph is also a go-to provider to advertising agencies, large not-for-profits, or any organization seeking  for web development and design.

Meet the Team

Caroline C. Blaker - Principal

Caroline C. Blaker - Principal portrait

Actually, it's just me - for now.

Caroline C. Blaker has been developing websites since 2003 and has “grown up” with the importance of developing web standards and content-first coding. Caroline has been developing websites independently since April, 2010 and founded Petroglyph Creative in August later that year. Caroline is an east coast ex-pat and is beginning to refer to the Southwest as "home." Besides enjoying time with her family, Caroline volunteers, gardens, and occasionally dabbles in gaming.