About Petroglyph Creative

Petroglyph Creative is a small, home-based studio in Albuquerque NM. Petroglyph makes, supports, consults on, and improves websites, with an eye to problem solving. We also author content, as you can see here. But why all of this? The answer isn’t exactly simple — when Caroline moved to Albuquerque NM in 2008, it wasn’t exactly for business! That is, her journey from Connecticut, west (with a year-long jaunt in Paris) ended here in the shelter of a true friend and partner. Caroline continued to build her web skills and in 2010, launched Petroglyph Creative as a web consultancy studio.

Over the time it’s been in business, Petroglyph has provided services to an international clientele of organizations of all shapes, sizes, and structures. Working on websites in ExpressionEngine, Craft, and WordPress, Petroglyph has earned distinguishment as a member of the ExpressionEngine Pro Network, and continues to credit Word of Mouth as its strongest source of referral.

Petroglyph continues to be an on-hand asset to an ongoing clientele pursuing ROI through advertising media and metrics. Petroglyph is also a go-to provider to advertising agencies like Marketing Solutions for web development and design.

Meet the Team

Caroline C. Blaker - Principal/Founder

Team Portrait

Actually, it's just me - for now.

Caroline C. Blaker has been developing websites since 2003 and has “grown up” with awareness of the importance of web standards and semantic coding. Caroline has been developing websites independently since April, 2010 and has been a painter “since [she] can remember.” Caroline is an east coast ex-pat and finds the Southwest to be a refreshing change of perspective, but not without its frustrations. Besides enjoying time with her family, Caroline volunteers as a State Leader for YSC, an organization dedicated to helping young breast cancer patients and survivors navigate life and treatment.