About Petroglyph Creative

Petroglyph Creative is a web-focused technology company solving problems for businesses and their customers through mindful decision-making and guided strategies. We infuse optimism into the analytics, providing our customers with an unparalleled path for growth.

Petroglyph Creative listens carefully to clients from the start, creating secure, flexible websites configured to your workflows and goals. Too many businesses rely on limited blog and web brochure platforms that are often risky, waste money and limit growth over time. We, however, enable clients to publish anything exactly as they want to do so - giving small to medium-sized businesses, and non-profits bent on improving lives through doing good work- the ultimate flexibility and scaling options to fit growing needs. We have implemented hundreds of additional features seamlessly into clients’ websites.

Petroglyph Creative offers a combined 40+ years of web problem solving for clients and is led by Caroline Blaker, a nationally renowned “tech lead” who guides efficient, focused contractors with her fifteen years of web creation, twelve years programming in WordPress, four years in Craft CMS, and utilizing ExpressionEngine since version 1.6.3! We start simply and refuse to make things complex when they don’t need to be, exploring options for your company from many angles, because we love to help those who help others.

Petroglyph loves roles as an on-hand asset pursuing ROI through advertising media and metrics. Petroglyph is also a go-to provider to advertising agencies, large not-for-profits, or any organization seeking strategic web development and design.

Meet the Team

Caroline C. Blaker - Principal portrait
Caroline C. Blaker - Principal portrait

Caroline C. Blaker - Principal

Caroline C. Blaker has been developing websites since 2003 and has “grown up” with the importance of developing web standards and content-first coding. Caroline has been developing websites independently since April, 2010 and founded Petroglyph Creative in August later that year. Helping her with running a niche business are her histories of Art Entrepreneurship and fluent French speaking. (Oui! C'est vrai!) Caroline is an east coast ex-pat and is beginning to refer to the Southwest as "home." Besides enjoying time with her family, Caroline volunteers, gardens, and occasionally dabbles in gaming.

Niki Wolf - Developer portrait
Niki Wolf - Developer portrait

Niki Wolf - Developer

Niki has been working with web code since 1999. She loves writing CSS from scratch, getting to the root of “why isn’t this working?“, and dreams of doing this web development thing for a living. She has lived in Arizona longer than she hasn’t. Married, one daughter, one cat. In her spare time, Niki likes to occasionally knit or crochet, sometimes paint things, and hang out with her family.